Which versions of AutoCAD are supported by APLUS?

APLUS works with AutoCAD 2000 to 2015

Can I use APLUS with different CAD aplications?

Currently you cannot.

How to install APLUS.

You can find instructions on installing plug-in in Install.dwg file, located in APLUS catalog.

How many licenses will I get?

You will get license for every workstation in your office, as well as licenses for your employees for their home computers.

Will license ever expire?

License for APLUS won't expire.

I found error, what should I do?

Use _APLUSERROR command (APLUS > ERROR FOUND), then write about your problem in form.

I have changed my workstation, why APLUS doesn't detect license?

APLUS uses hardware key. You have to contact us to get license for additional workstation (for free).