3D-Printed Face Shields

Main design principles:

Version history:

  1. v15: coming soon
    • truss instead of solid plate between forehead and sheet,
    • longer temples,
    • two variants of each versions for use with or without eyeglasses,
  2. v14: the latest model 6th April 2020 (download .STL):
    • truss instead of solid plate between forehead and sheet,
    • improved sheet pegs,
    • improved printout performance,
  3. v13: unpublished
    • test version of the truss,
  4. v12: 1st April 2020 (download .STL):
    • thicker forehead support plate,
    • longer side pegs,
    • adjusted peg snap distance,
  5. v11: 1st April 2020 (download .STL):
    • unobstructive to eyeglasses,
    • larger more comfortable forehead plate,
  6. v10: 31st March 2020 (download .STL):
    • faster assembly with redesigned snap-in pegs,
    • film fits tightly to the headpiece, like a string on a bow, securing the set for work.
  7. v09: 31st March 2020 (download .STL):
    • improved comfort on larger head (no tension or deformation),
    • temples designed for rigidity at the forehead and elasticity in the back of the head,
  8. v08: 30st March 2020 (download .STL):
    • with inclined head the film rests tightly on the chest providing backward-directed air flow,
    • secure fit – will not slide off with sharp head movement,

License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The shields we produce are not for sale! We hand them out to the personnel who actualy needs them:


To request supply or provide raw materials (filament, PET film), please email: Jędrzej Cytawa or Jacek Krysztofik

Please note that we only ship to Poland. To obtain this product in your country, please look for local 3D printer owners. If you can manufacture this product, and want to distribute it free of charge, we will share your contact data on this page upon request.

We accept voluntary donations to secure material flow:

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